The power that can be harnessed through solar modules is not limited to large scale industries looking at reducing carbon footprints, but also to medium-small companies and homeowners-urban as well as rural. Zokko Energy can help you with the right equipment for your precise requirement, depending on the size and scale of your energy needs.


A Unique Approach to Build Solar Powered Street Light Systems for Industries

Zokko Energy has developed a robust street lighting system specially designed for industries and large campuses. This solar based lighting solution provides three-day autonomy and has significant benefits over conventional solar street lights. The system is built with our experience in roof top installations where all the panels are installed in one location and the electronics and batteries are installed in a control room. A highly efficiency inverter converts solar DC input power to single phase AC output power which is supplied to the street lights (and other lights) just like conventional grid-based AC supply.

Solar Rooftops for Residential Use

A small solar electric or photovoltaic system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for your home or office. We offer 1 to 5 KW size home systems to provide customized solutions to our customers. A 1 KW system is sufficient for 2 to 3 bedroom house and it can run lights, fans, TV, refrigerator, computer, etc. To run an air conditioner, washing machine and other heavy loads, a 5 KW system is recommended. The system can be customized to meet load shedding demand for district places and rural customers or higher night time demand for working families. With this system, your house will become virtually free from power-cuts. With Zokko Energy Solar home systems, you wiil be free from any emergency power shut downs. This system is an efficient replacement for conventional inverters and batteries, as the conventional batteries inverters draw more power from grid and waste more than 25% of the power in conversion.

This system can be used for rural electrification. These home power system operate under isolation and has battery charge controller & MPPT feature. With such systems we can power small villages and provide light to those households that have remained in darkness for years.

A 2 KW solar power system can suffice the basic load of an household. Such a system will power at least 3 nos of 40 W tube lights, 10 nos of 28 W CFLs, 3 fans, 1 TV and 1 computer thus making you free from load shedding and power cuts.

Off-grid Solar Power Plant

Off-grid solar power plant is most versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence to the consumer. With Zokko Energy Solar standalone power plant, the customer can have access to power all the time and will not suffer from scheduled or unscheduled power cuts. The customer does not have to depend upon diesel generators during load shedding hours. Our customized power plant solution is capable of running everything just like regular electricity and in fact, the quality of power is far superior compared to grid power in most places.

Please check for the video on some of our installations to understand Zokko Energy off grid systems.

Zokko Energy Solar’s Off-grid Power Plants are not only green but also economical . It is best investment against ever increasing fuel and grid charges.

Application Areas

  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Construction Companies
  • Workshops
  • Water Pumps